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Information on Tamas Partners’s Ability and Expertise to Assist Unit Owners in Their Window Replacement Preparation

This information is provided to assist unit owners (who are unaware of the extent of unit preparation that will be required of them) some information on the degree of expertise that Tamas Partners brings to the task. This information comes first hand from Ms. Joan Goldstein, Unit 915 (2-bedroom unit), who volunteered her unit for the final mockup and who was kind enough to describe the experience of using Tamas Partners to assist in preparing her unit for her window replacement.

At the onset of her volunteering her 2-bedroom unit for the final mock up, Joan was determined to do the prep herself, as she didn’t want to spend the money to have someone else do it. But as Joan became aware of the extent to which furniture and furnishings needed to be moved, covered, protected from dust, and also realized that the weight of her heavier furnishings would be a very big challenge for her, she realized she couldn’t do it herself.

PREPARATION: Tamas Partners started with taking pictures of all her rooms, so that his team (of 3) knew exactly where/how/what needed to be moved and subsequently put back in place. Joan had begun and moved some of her smaller art pieces herself—but realized that Tamas Partners would easily have handled that. Tamas Partners’s team moved all the living room furniture together and built a plastic box from floor to ceiling to protect it all from dust. They built these ‘floor to ceiling plastic boxes’ in any room where they could to better protect furnishings from dust (and the wind that can blow dust back into the open unit during installation). Also all closets/kitchen cabinets were sealed with tape to keep dust out. Tamas Partners takes down any/all lighting fixtures (track or ceiling) and protects them as well as covering the outlet. Tamas Partners used Joan’s extra bathroom for storage to place plants/lamps etc.

Anything not needed for Joan’s use to stay in the unit the night before or the night after the installation (before the cleanup), was protected this way. Joan elected to stay in her unit the night before and the night after her windows were installed, so tarps were used in the bedroom over the bed and tarps were used over anything where she needed ready access while staying in the unit. Then Tamas Partners came into the unit the morning of the installation, to put final coverings on the things that she needed to have access to in order to stay in the unit.

Joan reported that Tamas Partners had unique equipment to move HEAVY things where she did not need to empty the furniture (e.g. a large credenza in her dining room which held very fragile china). He moved and protected them. He also did an excellent job of removing the window treatments (and subsequently reinstalling them without a problem). He had the tools, ladders, all hardware (including extra hardware if needed), and put added protection on furniture that didn’t need to be moved (but which had close proximity to the windows), to protect from any potential damage during installation without the need to move these pieces.

The prep took 2-3 hours for her 2-bedroom unit, as Tamas Partners’s team was very efficient—this is their business focus and they have performed this window installation preparation work in many buildings and also have worked very seamlessly on many occasions with Softer Lite (our JK window installer).

POST INSTALL - CLEANUP: The clean up was equally efficient. They drilled holes for window treatments to be reinstalled, returned everything to its original place, reinstalled all lighting and re-hung all art work. Tamas Partners and Softer Lite brought their own vacuum cleaners. Everything was wiped and they made sure when they removed any tarps, they didn’t get dust on other things. Everything was left VERY CLEAN and Joan didn’t have to clean to begin use of anything. They also held vacuums and got the dust immediately while they were drilling holes for the window treatment reinstallation so as to not make an additional mess. So their processes are much focused on owner needs and minimizing the owner’s work.

Joan’s final comment on Tamas Partners and their Preparation Process: They were VERY nice, very careful, very respectful and very efficient. By having his team do your prep, you are protecting your stuff to the utmost—it takes the risk away for you because his team is so careful, secure, thorough, and efficient and they can do things you can’t do or haven’t thought about doing for yourself. They ARE professionals as this is their business.