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We specialize in commercial and residential site protection for all levels of remodeling and construction!


We will transform your living space combining elegance and functionality while working closely with you to assure that your personal style is reflected at every turn.

Tamaspartners Site Protection

TAMAS PARTNERS LLC., specializes in commercial and residential site protection for all levels of remodeling and construction. Site protection is one of our top priorities and we spare no expense when it comes to protecting the job-site in order to make your project smoother, more convenient, and easier for you or your residents. We take care of everything from start to finish!

Example of Site Protection

- Moving all furniture (including plants, pictures, decorations, electronics, etc.) 6 feet from the windows
- Creating a 3 feet path between the furniture to the work area for the installers
- Removing window treatments and placing them in a safe place in the unit during the window installation
- Covering the furniture to protect it from the dust (either with plastic or reusable canvas tarps)
- Protecting different areas from being damaged like hardwood floors, window sills, air conditioners, furniture, etc. that are close to the working area

- Removing furniture coverings
- Rearranging the furniture in its original position
- Reinstalling window treatments in the original place
- Cleaning all surfaces from the dirt caused by the installation of the window treatments
- Removing protection from the required areas

- Over the years our experience is that most of the window installation companies and/or contractors do not have the time and man power to do the services that we provide; and if they do, it is done without professionalism because they are only window installers not furniture movers and window treatment professionals like we are
- Our services may be helpful for: people who are elderly and do not have the power to do such work, working individuals and families who cannot skip work for two or more days just to get ready for their window change, people who are out of town for different reasons, families with small children, or just anybody who does not have the time and energy to perform the services we provide
- If you consider that the services mentioned above will be helpful in your upcoming project please contact us

James House
Location: 1560 N Sandburg Terrace, Chicago, IL. 60610
Description: A building with over 500 condominium units of different sizes (Studio, One bedroom, Two bedroom, Three bedroom apartments). During the project all units were owner or renter occupied.

336 W Wellington Condominiums
Location: 336 W Wellington Ave. Chicago, IL.60657
Description: A condominium building with 120 units, majority being owner occupied during the project.

The Pierre
Location: 2100 N Lincoln Park West, Chicago, IL. 60614
Description: An owner occupied vintage building with over 90 units, each unit having a unique layout!

1150 N Lake Shore Drive Condominiums
Location: 1150 N Lake Shore Dr. Chicago, IL. 60611
Description: A condominium building with over 250 units of different sizes. All units were occupied during the project by homeowners or renters.

The Grand Ohio
Location: 211 East Ohio Ave. Chicago, IL. 60610
Description: A building with over 600 condominiums of various sizes. Majority of the units were occupied during the project.